it's a metaphor, table

This project is poking fun at itself while raising social awareness about gender equality. Specifically, it uses a metaphor that springs from sumo, one of the most male-dominated sports in Japanese society. Women are not allowed to compete professionally in this sport given sexist rules, which border them outside the wrestling ring as a result of their "impurity" by reason of the menstrual blood. Knocking a sumo warrior to the ground, at the service of a flower pot or any other need people may have, desecrates that macho-dominance sumo still holds, by simply using irony and humor.

"The piece of wood came alive and it was able to speak". That's pretty much what happened to Carlo Collodi's Pinocchio; likewise, adding communication contents to a product, gives this object an identity and the ability to speak to people. The focus of our research was about the equality of the sexes without being moralistic or patronising; so we chose to use irony and humour, two powerful rhetorical devices to convey a disputed concept without too much bloodshed. Sumo wrestlers are so well regarded and revered in Japanese society to be almost considered as macho semi-gods. Placing one of them in a conscious submissive position - grateful and happy to help others - aims to rebalance a more male-dominated thinking to a non-discriminatory one. 

"it's a Metaphor" can hosts up to ten seaters. Ideal to be placed wherever an open minded spirit is at home. 3D-printed assembled object, this table can be produced either way with Eco-friendly 3D-printed Poly Lactic Acid filaments or carbon fibers. The structure is divided in multiparts, hand refined and assembled. Successively the whole body is glazed and finished with a vitreous enamel coating. A round tempered glass is based on the structure and secured using discreet clear glass high-grip bumpers, specifically designed for the purpose. 

Measures are in mm. Glass platform ø: 1800 / Glass platform thickness: 10 / Body with: 850 / Body height: 750 / Body depth: 1000 

Our manufacturers are experiencing delays with the orders due to demand and new safety processes. Thank you for your patience

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